311 Cruise – Day 4

We made it to dry land for a little while today! After a quick boat ride, we got to chill on the beach, drink some drinks, and smoke some smokes.

Guess which one of us you can see from space.

Stevie E. and Philly D.

We had to make a quick getaway, though. Back to the boat to get cleaned up to catch the last show from Bad Rabbits. If you’ve never seen these guys, make sure to check them out if you’re able. They kick ass.

Off to dinner, and then back to The Atrium for our last set. Finally got to check out BALLYHOO!, who put on a great show (and are great guys to boot).

We crammed ourselves on to the Atrium stage (and cut a few inputs!) and had a blast with all the folks who hung out to check out our set. Crammed one more guy on there when Danny from Hey Monea! joined in for Hectic.

Up next, a great set from Badfish. They closed out the night by cramming several more guys on that stage when Steve and Bill, along with Full Service and Howie from BALLYHOO! all joined in for the final jam of the cruise. Thanks to all the guys in Badfish for inviting us to sit in!

311 Cruise – Day 3

Editors note – OK, so the internet connection on the ship and my BAC were not helping me complete my mission of posting every day. And then it was my birthday! So, I’m obviously many days late with this. But, since I usually can’t leave even pointless tasks uncompleted (I own all of The Matrix sequels on DVD, for example), I’m going to keep on keepin’ on. – Bill

311 absolutely kicked ass on the pool deck today. The sun was shining, and the weather was sweet, yeah. A floating nation of happy, like-minded individuals, cruising the ocean playing and listening to music.

We’re finally back on stage tonight, on the pool deck.  Mr. Nick Hexum joined us for Jump Right In, for only the third time ever, and it was a blast.  The rain held off, but the wind was a mother (40 mph gusts!).  We had a bunch of brave souls with us though, and we had great time.  Thanks to everyone who came out to check out our set.

Tonight was the artist party, and we got to hang out with friends new and old, and at some point the fine folks from Trailer Park Ninjas invited Steve & John, and Dua from Bad Rabbits to come and sit in on a few. A great end to a great night.


311 Cruise – Day Two

Another day, another great set of shows. Today was our day off, so we got to see awesome sets by The Aggrolites, Bad Rabbits, and Ghostwolf. If you are going to be in St. Louis on Sunday, March 10, and you have any appreciation whatsoever for reggae music (which , if you’re reading this, I suspect that you will be, and do) go check out The Aggrolites at The Old Rock House. You will not regret it.




311 Cruise – prologue

So this morning at airport security, a gentlemen who had quite obviously not flown (or seen TV or movies, or a stand-up routine) in 12 years was behind us in line.

His first trip through the scanner, he beeped. He comically displayed his exasperation, and then took off his belt (a step that had already been considered by people who were still finding a place to park), and made a second attempt.


More gesticulation and sighing, and a trip to the glass case of emotion, and a meeting with the metal-detecting-wand dealie.


“Do you have something in your pocket, sir?”

“Well, just my cellphone. Siiiiggggghhheeeeyyyeroll.”

To the complete surprise of no one at all, he and his belongings were lead off to the side for a more in-depth discussion, while he continued to act like a sitcom character.

Don’t be this person.

In other news, we’re all ready and raring to go, and and can’t wait to kick it with our boys 311 and the fine folks on the 311 Cruise. We’re going to be posting pics and video from the shows this weekend, so keep your eyes trained on TheUrge.net.

In the meantime, we’re heading out to catch some St. Louis Blues action and libations. Go Blues and PTMFUS!